Uncle Richie’s Roast Seasoning

Still Hand Blended to This Day!

For Over 35 years I have impressed many hungry people with this dry rub recipe. It’s not mine but my grandma’s. Even the largest critics have overwhelmed me with their praises. This recipe is easy to make and guaranteed to be a favorite for your loved ones as it was for mine. Particularly the one in which this recipe was named - Uncle Richie. If you enjoy slow cooked, well seasoned meats (beef, pork roast, lamb, venison, wild game, etc.), you have got to try it with Uncle Richie's Unique Roast Seasoning! Uncle Richie always told me not to let this product go unsold. It is too good not to share.

Unfortunately, Uncle Richie did not live long enough to see this happen. So, I made a commitment to honor his wishes and make this recipe available for everyone. Uncle Richie – I’m sorry it took so long! But, here it is.

Packet of Uncle Richie's Seasoning